If they don’t outright call photographic evidence to be hoaxes, debunkers and other disbelievers of SHC (Sudden Human Cremation) inevitably invoke the wick theory to explain intensely localized incinerations of human beings. One can say a person has sufficient fat to incinerate bone to powder, just as easily as one can say the Moon truly is made of Gouda cheese. Doesn’t make it true.


The wick theory begs a lot of questions. One question is quite simple, which no SHC naysayer has adequately answered: If a person can self-incinerate so completely in a chair or on a bed because of the adipose tissue in his/her torso and limbs, why do crematory owners invest $100,000 for a retort, filtration systems, and a cremulator to grind up bones that are raked out of the retort, plus the 40-or-so gallons of fuel oil to fuel the process?


We’ve interviewed many crematory managers/owners. As businessmen, none have given a reason why they don’t instead spend a few cents on a pack of matches to achieve better burn-ups than their retorts can produce.


Maybe, just maybe, one needs to consider other hypotheses/theories for SHC?


We have done that throughout ABLAZE!  One theory advanced in Chapter 7 examines a theoretical solution based on quantum mechanics and proposes a hypothetical sub-subatomic high-energy mass we dubbed in 1975 the “pyrotron.” When it smashes into a quark or proton in a person’s body, the energy release is catastrophic and instantaneous. Kinda like a scene of classic SHC where a 170-pound adult body has its moisture content boiled off, to be almost totally dehydrated.


Unfortunately the publisher of ABLAZE! did not add an appendix with the math undergirding the pyrotron. Hence, SHC debunkers and naysayers have had a field-day on-line and on television rebuking the idea. Not to mention ourself, as well. (Okay, we did mention ourself.)


Not surprisingly they do so without knowledge of the mathematical basis for the possibility of the pyrotron. Which begs another question. Actually two.


First, why do critics of SHC argue from a position of ignorance?

Second, critics of SHC who dismiss the idea out of hand must reject a formula crucial to quantum mechanics and theory. If ya don’t like Plank’s constant and Einstein’s speed of light, fine. Throw them both out. Just know that you are also throwing out a lot of science and technology that depends on both.


So: here’s the formula and the math that supports the hypothetical existence of the pyrotron. And just maybe, for some of that Dark Matter/Energy that particle physicists, astrophysicists, and cosmologist are so eager to find.


PLEASE NOTE:  We submit this as a hypothesis, not as the proven explanation for the pile of powder abutting a lower human leg or foot in a room exhibiting little other thermal/flame damage and no noxious odor of burned flesh.






E = hc/l  or  l = hc/E

  E = quantum/photon energy in ergs

  h = Planck’s constant (6.62x10-27erg-sec)

  c = speed of light (3x1010cm/sec)

  l = wavelength of incident light/photon in cms


Ecal = energy to convert water in 175lb human to steam

                                                              = 34,385,867 calories

      1 cal = 4.184 joules, 1x10-7 joules = 1 erg

      1 erg = 1x10-7 j/erg ¸ 4.184 j/cal = 2.39x10-8cal

Eerg = 34.385867x106cal ¸ 2.39x10-8cal/erg = 1.44x1015ergs


lcm = hc/E = [6.62x10-27erg-sec x 3x1010cm/sec] ¸ 1.44x1015ergs


lcm = 1. 986x10-16erg-cm ¸ 1.44x1015ergs = 1.38x10-31cm


Subatomic photon/pyrotron wavelength l @



ã 1975 by Larry E. Arnold; all rights reserved;

based on the textbook Physical Chemistry (1955) which takes

particle wavelengths down only to 1x10-11cm (12.4x106 electron-volts).