Discover TV is re-airing it's BBC-produced "Science Mysteries" program about Spontaneous Human Combustion.  This program, while well produced, again ends up promulgating the BBC-line that dates back to the late 1980's ... that spon com is a myth and can be readily explained away by the human candle theory.  To maintain that conclusion, it must be pointed out that the producers left on the editing floor much of the material provided to them that refutes this stance ... and further, attention to the program's segments -- particularly the case of Jeanne Saffin -- should leave the careful viewer questioning just how "unbiased" the BBC is in its judgments. 
Tune in and evaluate the evidence for yourself.
Thursday Nov 9 2000 10:00 PM EST/PST
Friday Nov 10 2000 2:00 AM EST/PST
Saturday Nov 11 2000 4:00 PM EST/PST
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You can see Larry Arnold on the Learning Channel this Saturday, November 4th 2000 at 6:00 PM EST on "Ulimate 10... Unexplained Mysteries."  The SHC topic comes in at #5 and it's a pretty good segment.  More new shows are in the works right now!

Check out tonight's episode in TLC series, The Ultimate Ten Unexplained Mysteries: "The Ultimate Ten Unexplained Mysteries."
Air time(s) Eastern/Pacific time:
TLC Sunday, Oct 29th 2000 9:00 PM
TLC Sunady, Oct 29th 2000 midnight
TLC Saturday, Nov 4th 2000 6:00 PM

NEWS ITEM:  SHC's own Larry Arnold has another TV appearance this week, Friday, October 27th at 8:00 pm EDT, on Fox Family's "13 Days of Halloween".  Show title is Extremely Weird, and Mr. Arnold is in the first segment of the program, so don't be late!.................. ALSO................. at 8:00 pm and 1:00 am EDT on Lifetime Oct 27th will be a reshowing of "Unsolved Mysteries" (originally an NBC) with Larry Arnold on the topic of SHC.

Tune in to the series "Exploring the Unknown" July 7, 2000 on the FOX FAMILY CHANNEL at 9:00-10:00 pm EDT.  This is a brand new segment.  A survivor of SHC should be featured.  Also some first time findings ever presented on television! 
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