Sat, Dec 15, 10:00-11:30AM CST:  Exploring Unexplained Phenomena Radio Program (EUP) hosted by Scott H. Colborn, KUZM 89.3 FM Lincoln, NE, audio also on Lincoln Cable TV #10.

Sun, Dec 2, 5PM EST: DiscoveryChannel's "Burning Bodies: Spontaneous Human Combustion" 
Thu, Dec 20, 10PM EST: BBC/DiscoverChannel's "Spontaneous Human Combustion"
Fri, Dec 21, 2PM EST: BBC/DiscoverChannel's "Spontaneous Human Combustion"
Sat, Dec 22, 7PM EST: BBC/DiscoverChannel's "Spontaneous Human Combustion"

Along with TLC's "Ultimate 10... Mysteries" on Nov 22 now Discovery Channel reruns "Spontaneous Human Combustion" Sunday, Nov 25 @ 10PM EST and Monday, Nov 26 @ 2AM EST

September 27 @ 8PM and Midnight EDT, and Sept 29 @ 3PM EDT, Discovery rerun of BBC show "Science Mysteries"

September 9, 7PM EDT, 1st rerun on Discovery  "Burning Bodies"

The Learning Channel is re-telecasting five times this month one of its programs containing a segment about spontaneous human combustion -- it's apparently among their most popular shows.
"Ultimate 10 ... Unexplained Mysteries"  Sun 9/2, 8PM & 11PM; EDT/PDT; Sat 9/8, 5PM; Thurs 9/20, 7PM; Fri 9/21, 2AM

Sunday, August 5, 9:00PM EDT, on The Discovery Channel "Burning Bodies: Spontaneous Human Combustion"  Rebroadcasts Monday, August 6, 1:00AM EDT and again probably the following Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Larry Arnold worked closely with Producer Ruth Gordon throughout this show's development, and she deserves a lot of credit for a job well-done.  With never-before-seen footage and a survivor of SHC, this program is worthy of archiving for your fortean video-tape library!

NEW SHC SHOW!  Discovery Channel's "On the Inside" series debuts "Spontaneous Human Combustion" on August 5, 2001.  Lot of brand new info and a new SHC survivor!

Watch Thursday, April 5, 2001 at 10pm EDT on Fox Family's "Exploring the Unknown."  Hosted by Mitch Pileggi of X-File fame.  Larry Arnold, on the subject of SHC is in the final segment (begins about 10:45pm)... they held the best till last! <g>

You can check it out - and the editorial bias of a BBC-TV producer as well - by tuning into Discovery Channel's rebroadcast of "Spontaneous Human Combustion":   Thursday, March 22, 2001, 10pm EST
Friday, March 23, 2001, 2am EST   Saturday, March 24, 2001, 4pm EST
Soon to be forthcoming ... yet another (though still very rare) hour long examinations of SHC.  This time on History Channel's series "Into the Unknown." 

The Learning Channel (TLC) is rebroadcasting two shows that contain SHC segments (times are EST):
1) "Extremely Weird" on Saturday 2/17 @ 8PM and @ 11PM, and Sunday 2/18 @ 2PM.
2) "Ultimate 10...... Unexplained Mysteries" on Sunday @ 9PM and midnight, and Saturday 2/24 @ 6PM. (This seems to be one of TLC's most popular shows... and SHC ranks on the list right in the middle at #5, and gets the most coverage.) 
Be looking for our newest program on SHC, now in post-production for the Discovery Channel's series "On the Inside."  Airdate possibly in April 2001.

SHC on TV 2001