SHC on TV 2003

Tues Nov 25, 10PM EST
West Nov 26, 2AM EST
TLC: "Ultimate 10 ... Unexplained Mysteries" features SHC and Larry E. Arnold at #5.
Also pending is another show (air date not yet established):
TechTV: "Unscrewed" ... a half hour talkshow format that will be devoted exclusively to SHC.

Discovery Channel is rerunning an original episode of "Unsolved History .... Roswell"
Saturday, October 18... 7PM EDT. 
The original aired on the Thursday, Oct 16.

PAX-TV evening rerun of "Encounters with the Unexplained" on Sept 26 with Larry Arnold's SHC segment opening the first half of the show.

Director of ParaScience International, Larry E. Arnold, discusses Spontaneous Human Combustion and his book and video "Ablaze" on the MINDSHIFT (host: Errol Bruce-Knapp) radio program (Newstalk 1010 Toronto).

Sunday, Aug 31.... 10:30PM EDT

Check out Spontaneous Human Combustion and other fascinating anomalies and claims of high strangeness, crop circles, haunts, cryptozoology (featuring friend and fellow fortean Mike Frizzel of the Enigma Project), psi phenomena, consiousness-after-death -- during the next several days of the most run show of The Learning Channel series "Ultimate 10"

TLC: "Ultimate 10........ Unexplained Mysteries"
Tues, Feb 4..... 9PM & midnight EDT

MEDIA ALERT about a Physiological Mystery

Friday, August 15th, 2003 (see the archives to listen to this show at any time)

Tonight on "Coast to Coast AM" (nationally syndicated radio program, also on the internet via Streamlink)  during its first hour... 10PM Pacific Time (Saturday 1AM Eastern Time)... host George Noory will interview Larry E. Arnold about his research and documentation of the phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC).  If you are up at that hour and have interest in this hotly argued but fascinating subject, you just might want to tune in!  We're hoping George will be taking calls too, so dial us up if you have a question or comment.