SHC on TV 2005

Unsolved Mysteries program re-aired and SHC segment on Friday, December 9, 2005 on LifetimeTV

Thursday 7/21 at 3-4PM: National Geographic will rerun Larry Arnold's SHC program (it ran last week as well).

Friday 4/29 at 12PM ... SHC is covered on Unsolved Mysteries on LifetimeTV


This alerts you to a new series - "Is It Real?" - that we participated in last December in Belgium for The National Geographic TV channel, about the enigma of spontaneous human combustion. We documented a bizarre case of spontaneous combustion that injured Adele Waldack on Jan 1, 2002. We have no idea what substance burned her - if you see the show and have an idea, plz let us know - nor do we know how the show has been edited and what conclusion is reached. But if you like mysteries u might wish to tune in and see what NatGeog thinks ... 

It debuts Monday, 4/25/2005 @ 10-11PM EDT. 

It rebroadcasts Tuesday, 4/26/2005 @ 1-2AM EDT, 

and Saturday, 4/30/2005 @ 4-5PM. 

Other topics in the series include ghosts, UFOs, sasquatch, etc: 

And for something completely(?) different, how about exploding frogs in today's news: 

Larry Arnold ParaScience Intl


National Geographic TV - Monday, April 25, 2005:

The new show about SHC (and the skeptics are "thanking everyone" who worked on it, so they must think it debunks SHC!). 

See it on April 25, along w/ other interesting topics.

7P "Bigfoot" (Also airs: Tuesday, April 26)

8P "Is it Real? UFOs" (Also airs: Tuesday, April 26)

9P "Is it Real? Ghosts"
(Also airs: Tuesday, April 26; Thursday, April 28)
10P "Is it Real? Human Combustion"
(Also airs: Tuesday, April 26, 1AM; Saturday, April 30. 4PM)

11P "Is it Real? UFOs"
(Also airs: Tuesday, April 26; Saturday, April 30)
12A "Is it Real? Ghosts"
(Also airs: Thursday, April 28; Saturday, April 30)


"Unexplained Mysteries" on UPN, March 13, 2005, 11PM-midnight EST (check local affiliates during week of March 13 for exact date and time)


"Unsolved Mysteries" on LIFETIME, February 4, 2005 noon

One of our Discovery shows aired recently in the UK, too.