SHC on TV 2007


SHC on NatGeogTV at 3-4AM EST, 11/28/07

On TV this week, again. Wed, 8/22, 11AM NatGeographicChannel - SHC:

This is the episode in which debunker DeHaan nearby burns down a warehouse trying to replicate localized SHC.

First, HistoryChannel is re-running one of our shows about SHC:
Thursday, Aug 16, 10-11AM and 4-5PM EST.

"Looks into reports of people who have suddenly burst into flames for no apparent reason. How could a fire be so intense that a victim's torso is destroyed while the legs remain? Interviews relatives of alleged victims and firemen who saw the bodies."  Rating: TVPG V

We think this is the episode where facts embarrassing to the debunkers - ie, the "wick theory" yields not a small self-contained and self-extinguishing small fire but a room-engulfing inferno that has to be vigorously suppressed by firefighters - are purposely edited out). Check it out.

SHC will be featured on History Channel on January 8, 2007 at 5-6PM EST. Think it's the show filmed 11 yrs ago for A&E; if so, the best balanced of the 60-min shows in Larry Arnold's repertoire.